Discontinuation vacation rental in connection with COVID-19


We have decided to stop with letting out our holiday rental until further notice. COVID-19 creates a lot of uncertainty. As a result, we cannot adequately estimate whether our guests are still willing or able to come with all travel and health restrictions that are currently in force.

We certainly do not rule out that we will start again with renting out our holiday villa at a later time, if a good solution is available for the Corona virus. When that is, remains to be seen of course. By all means, we hope that you will continue to support us in this uncertain time, stay in good health and that we may welcome you again in the future.

Carpe Diem!

Corona (COVID-19) Update


Corona (COVID-19) Update

We always put the safety and well-being of our guests and employees first.

As concerns about the coronavirus continue to grow, we understand that you are forced to rethink plans and make changes.

Villa Carpe Diem has therefore decided to provide a solution for guests whose holidays cannot continue due to travel restrictions related to the Coronavirus and to temporarily deviate from our regular cancellation policy. Bookings which are already made can be rebooked free of charge to another period of choice. In addition, the final payment needs to be paid only when it is clear that travel restrictions have been lifted and that your holiday can continue permanently.

For guests who are planning their future holiday, despite the current situation, amended booking conditions apply. Instead of the usual 30% deposit, the deposit is now only 500 euro. If travel restrictions related to the Coronavirus are still in place four weeks prior to the arrival, this amount will be refunded without discussion and can therefore effectively be cancelled free of charge.

To ensure that the period of your choice is still available, we advise not to delay with (re)booking your stay.

It is a very unpleasant situation for everyone. In this way we hope to solve it as convenient as possible for all parties.

We look forward to welcoming you at a later time.

Four beaches in the immediate vicinity of Villa Carpe Diem


The four most beautiful beaches in the immediate vicinity of Villa Carpe Diem


All four beaches can be reached by car within a maximum of 10 minutes. The Caracas Bay Beach is within walking distance.

The Caracas Bay beach is a free accessible beach less than 1 kilometre away from the villa. There is ample parking near the beach and there are various local restaurants. On the beach itself are picnic tables with umbrellas. The beach runs evenly into the water and is therefore also suitable for the elderly and small children. A nice video about the Caracas Bay can be found at


Tug boat

The Tug boat beach is a nice beach, of which the access is free of charge. There is ample parking space and there is a diving school with a bar. On the beach you can rent beds and umbrellas. Near the beach is a sunken boat. Different types of coral have settled on and around the boat where thousands of tropical fish are swimming around. This makes it also a popular location for diving and snorkeling. More information can be found at





Directors Bay

The Director Bay beach owes its name to a former director of the Shell refinery who had the beach available for private swimming. It is a quiet beach because it is not known to everyone. The free beach has fantastic views of the Caracas Bay and the Caribbean Sea. No beds and umbrellas are available for rent on the beach. However, it is worthwhile to snorkel and there are various walking routes in the area to the quarantine house and to the entrance to the Spanish Water.





Jan Thiel beach

Jan Thiel beach is the most famous beach in the area of Villa Carpe Diem (and of Curacao). There is a guarded parking lot and there are several restaurants and clubs on the beach. You have to pay for both the beach and the parking lot. Cabanas, beds and umbrellas can be rented on the beach. More information can be found at

Restaurants on Jan Thiel Beach


Jan Thiel Beach, is less than a 5 minutes’ drive from Villa Carpe Diem Curacao, where you can enjoy a meal in one of the following four restaurants:

Zest Mediterranean & Zest Beach Café: Mediterranean culinary specialties, such as fresh pasta, fish and meat dishes. Where Zest Beach Café also serves on your Cabana or beach bed on the beach.

Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant: East African atmosphere with an international menu, tasty pizzas and a nice bar. Here too, dishes can be served on the beach.

Restaurant Tinto: based on Argentinian cuisine, where all fish and meat dishes are prepared on a charcoal fire in the beautiful open kitchen.

Kokos: the hang-out on Jan Thiel Beach inspired by street food dishes from all over the world.

More information about the restaurants can be found at:


The salt pans of Jan Thiel


Curacao, the salt pans of Jan Thiel

The salt pans of Jan Thiel date from the first half of the 18th century. In 1737 the Jewish merchant Jozef Penso bought the Damasco plantation from the Dutchman Jan Thielen. The “Puerto Sardinero” lagoon ran from the sea all the way to the edge of the plantation. By building dams from rapeseed stones the water was retained, after which the sun evaporated the water and salt could deposit on the bottom of the reservoir that was created. The salt was collected by slaves and Portuguese workers, after which it was sold in Willemstad.

In 1915, Casper Arthur Perret Gentil bought the Damasco plantation where he grew and exported oranges, mangos, coconuts, bananas, medlar and kenepa to France, Venezuela and Sto. Domingo. In addition, he kept cattle and expanded the salt pans, whereby in good years sometimes up to 20,000 barrels (of 130 kilos) were extracted. The salt was sold to Cuba and Sto Domingo, among others. Shell was also a major buyer who used the salt for refining crude oil from Venezuela.

In the 70s, the plantation was sold to the General Pension Fund Netherlands Antilles, which parcelled out parts of the area for houses, villas, apartments and resorts. Fortunately, the salt pans were spared.

The salt pans are now a beautiful nature area with breeding birds and beautiful walking routes. Because of the warmth, early morning and late afternoon are the best moments to visit the area. On the site Wikiloc a nice route is shown, with a bit of luck Flamingos can be spotted in the shallow water of the salt pans. Flamingos love brine shrimp and brine flies that occur frequently in salt water. The route is approximately 10 kilometers and it is wise to take water with you and rub yourself well against the sun during the walk.

Every Tuesday afternoon at 1700 hrs, a walking tour is organized under the guidance of an experienced guide. The walk takes approximately 2 hours and starts at the roundabout near the resort of Chogogo. There are costs associated with this tour. More information about the tour can be found on the site of Curacao Activities

The salt pans of Jan Thiel are located at 5 minutes walking distance from Villa Carpe Diem Curacao.



Commission holiday villas and holiday homes

Owners of holiday villas and / or holiday homes sometimes pay up to 25% commission to rental sites and / or travel agencies. If you book directly with the owner, it is often cheaper. Villa Carpe Diem Curacao offers you a 15% discount if you book through your own site and at least 5 months before arrival.

Renting a vacation home or vacation villa on Curacao?


What to look for when renting a vacation villa on Curacao?

It will not have escaped your attention, but in recent years private holiday accommodation has become very popular in Curacao. Spread throughout the island there are many types and sizes, ranging from a simple apartment to luxury villas. Many beautiful holiday homes can be found on the southeastern part of the island, in the districts of Vista Royal, Jan Thiel, Cas Grandi and Jan Sofat. Not entirely coincidentally close to the Caracasbaai beach, Director’s bay and Jan Thiel beach.

Holiday homes can be rented through various organizations such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, Holiday Rentals Curacao and Dream Rentals Curacao. Of course you can usually also rent directly through the owner’s website, which is often the most economical option.

Points of attention when comparing accommodations are, in addition to the price and the number of people who can stay there, the location and proximity to beaches, restaurants and recreational opportunities. The construction of the house is not unimportant, high ceilings, covered terraces and a good location on the wind ensure that it stays nice and cool in the house and that you are not confronted with high energy costs due to the constant use of air conditioning.

A big advantage of a private holiday home compared to an apartment or a bungalow in a holiday park is often the amount of space, not only from the house itself, but also from the garden, for example. There is also often more privacy and you have access to a private swimming pool.

Renting a holiday villa is most advantageous if you stay with a full occupancy, because there is almost always a basic price including a limited number of people. The cost per person therefore decreases as you stay with more people. Even if you stay longer, it becomes cheaper because the flight takes a significant part of the holiday budget.

Of course Villa Carpe Diem Curacao is also a holiday home that has all these benefits!

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